I have James Bond.

Have I ever told yall what a MacGuyver/Ty Pennington / James Bond kinda guy the Marine really is? This past Christmas he built something. It wasn't any typical something and came up with the idea almost on his own. The guys have recently started playing with RFID readers and are fascinated with the mechanics and secrecy and geekiness of it. So, enter in our night stand.
Night Stand + RFID reader = Christmas present. The night stand comes ALIVE! Really, it does.
You place the RFID card on the front of the night stand and voila, the back hatch comes up. It is so James Bond circa Pierce Brosnan years. <3
And my Marine built it from the ground up. He built the circuit boards, the intel chips, the gadgetry to allow this thing to operate. Oh, and he built the night stand using ours as a replica. It took him close to a month to complete this project because he fried some chips and had to order parts and etc, but it was finished on December 23rd, 2010 when we had our Christmas Party.

Once the Marine comes home, I'll update with pictures. It's amazing and gorgeous, too.

SO, this is what my Marine's newest hobby has become. Thankfully it's something useful. He's currently in the process of building his very own light/drafting table so he can craft many more projects. I think he's found his niche of bringing building/construction + electronics to life. I am SO thankful because the hobbies were getting ridiculous.

Is your husband like that? Always looking for something to occupy his time? Looking for something other than television, movies, and xbox to utilize his time off from work?

I hope I am not the only one....