A place where everyone knows your name...

It's Military Monday blog hop day. YAY.

I still haven't posted my MacGyver pictures..the Marine has been extra busy with work and building a drafting/light table and all our extra-curricular activities with youth, church, and friends. I have too, but I am not building anything, just keeping up with the house and errands and prep work for my BESTIE family to visit.  They're flying into THIS city in this picture... hope they know what they're in for :D

We received confirmation of orders TODAY, but haven't actually received them. We probably will around Easter and we get to report before our friend's wedding. I am sad that we'll have to miss it, but maybe there's a way around it... {{hahaha, this is the Marine Corps we're talking about..}}

I am still in a semi-state of shock. When we leave, we will have only been here 2 years. It's long enough to make amazing friends/family but not long enough to visit and see everything. Arizona is an incredible state.  It's one of the last places that is about personal freedoms, and we COULD see ourselves back here. Of course, we've said that about most places, but we have family in AZ now, too. (not just mum and step-dad). We finally found THAT place where friends just walk in with only a txt warning they're on their way over, a place where we can all relax and not worry about friends over-powering the relationships or being competitive with each other, a place where anything is up for grabs and if they need it, they can have it... food is available to all who enter. Wanna borrow a movie? No problem. I don't even know HALF the movies that we've let people borrow because we have too many.  I love that. I am so glad that God has blessed us with that. It's not all take take take, people give back to us too. We have people come over and order pizza to eat with us, or take us out to dinner, or pay for random meals, drinks, etc. It's a working relationship with everyone. It's a family. How am I ever going to find this again? God willing it will happen cause dangit, this is how friends/churches are suppose to really be...we're involved in everything: lives, ministry, families, entertainment, sadness, blessings, everything!

Have yall experienced a place like this? A place where everyone knows your name much like 80's sitcoms? Like Cheers, like the Huxtables/Cosbys, like Frasier, and Seinfeld.... How did it change your perspective and life?


The day we get confirmation of orders is always a crazy one, partly good, partly bad. Ahhh, the joys of military life!

I'm a new follower from the Military Blog Hop! Have a great week!

Marly said…
You ask if I've ever experienced that kind of familyship, outside of the family.Yes I did, for a whole three days, but the story is too long to post here. You'll have to go over to www.makingmyownwork.blogspot.com and hit the "How I Learned Chair Massages" series. Apparently, vendors form good family too.