What do you CRAVE?

I am turning 30 next week on this day. THIRTY.  I've been cleaning and de-cluttering and more lately to prepare for the move and the Besties to visit. It astonished me that my "life's work" fits in a little tiny box of folders, resume papers, work examples and "get to know you game books" from Christian book stores. Is it all useless, am I wasting my time waiting, is there something more to this ministry? All questions that have been stuck in my head recently.  I sometimes feel that because we have orders, we've been "retired" out of the Youthins here. Yes, we're still involved but we also have a duty to train up the other leaders to replace us, to mold these youthins into BOLD World-Changing Christians, and encourage one another.  We're now teaching the teachers so to speak. 

Our small group {CRAVE} has been re-vamped and is now meeting at our house to separate the groups into availability or age depending on WHICH group you ask.... at least that's the story. It's actually based on age, children, financial situation. But we're okay with it, as we now have Thursday nights to do whatever we want... we used to be with these people Wednesday-Sunday. Now, we have a break in there, but as we are, we still got together and ate and hung out with each other because that's what we do. We EAT, talk, and discuss the world's problems and also decrease our stress levels by getting perspective on what matters most. 

All the billowing and complaining, and negative talk really needs to get out.  It really needs to go sit on a tack. (name THAT Camp song). I am trying to see people as God sees people. I don't want to see them just for their actions or non-actions, I want to see them as Jesus sees them...caring, compassionate, able. 

Change my heart..