Cris-Cross will make you JUMP.

Today starts week Four of Ripped in 30 and I'm down a dress/pants size. I tried wearing a pair of my regular comfy jeans last night to Walmart, and I had to hold them up to keep them from falling off in the middle of the store. EMBARRASSING. I felt like a thug who has to hold their pants on because they're ginormous and my boxers would show. (except I don't wear boxers and I'm white and Im female.) I love this feeling of being stronger. I don't weigh any more or less, but that could also be my addiction to all and anything sugar these days. I figure once I cut that out, it'll drop in no time. (If I can't have chocolate, I'll have sugar, right?) But I can do planks, t-stands, downward dog, jump squats, ..stuff that people HATE doing. I love it. My body is capable of holding itself up for more then 30 seconds in these positions. AH-Mazing.

Oh, and I recently purchased a low-fat vegetarian cook-book. Yes, my username on almost EVERYTHING is veggiesarebad. But, I'm branching out and trying new things that will make my body run at optimal performance. Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos, frosted sugar cookies, and soda do NOT do that. I always feel the crash and/or migraine that accompanies along depending on HOW early I consumed the product.

I may post some recipes later this week as I'm trying some recipes on Friday for the small group gathering and we'll see how they fair. I still have tons of lemons because the guy brought enough for all the girls to take home except no one did, so I've had them here. BAGS of lemons and grapefruit... loads for free. Yum. Any yummy recipes using lemons besides pie, bars, lemonade?


Anonymous said…
That is awesome! Keep up the great work. I'm starting a new diet soon and I'll be blogging about it later tonight.