How we Pack.


Our order usually works best for us because we actually get to weed through things and see what we don't need/use/want any longer.

The first thing I pack is the "decorations" around the house. (and pictures)
Apothecary jars, shells, milk glass, message in a bottle, stuff one must dust every week. As I am packing, I realize I have way too many things to dust and to "look nice" so the pile gets cut in HALF. 

Candles, oils, glade spray things. ALL get packed according to type: glass jar, tea light, oils, etc. And I only keep out what matches the rest of the season(before we move). I currently have glade's spring limited edition scents out. They smell fresh and clean and burn longer than others.

Next up: Books, CDs, Dvds, hobby items. ALL entertainment gets packed and we rely on other things to occupy the hours we WASTE everyday by watching/listening/focusing on... 

Bathrooms: all excess shampoo, conditioners, body washes get used up or donated.. I stop purchasing excess about 3 months before we move and don't purchase any more until after we use up half bottles of stuff we already have. All samples, tiny bottles are packed and donated to the mission, or homeless shelters. 

Towels are gone through and the raggy ones are donated or turned into cleaning rags. 
Bathroom cleaning products are used or donated to the house as we typically leave a cleaning supply bucket behind to help out the next home owners/rental peoples. (plus we can get rid of products that fail as cleaners or have way too many chemicals to actually want to clean with. Im in LOVE with green products by Clorox!!)

Closets: all excess gets looked through, donated

Kitchen: small appliances: If I haven't used it in the past six months, it gets donated. All tupperware, pyrex, corningware, dishes, pans, pots, utensils, potholders, cookie sheets are treated equally: no use, no space or room for them in my packing boxes.  

Bedrooms: excess blankets, sheets, pillows are packed up or used to cover furniture in the moving truck. Old sheets protect tables, desks, lamps, etc. 
Clothes get mostly packed except outfits for church, moving, cleaning, and traveling.  14 days worth of clothes stays out (when in reality, WHY do we have more than that!!!) , shoes get packed away, one jacket/hoodie each stays out. (we're moving from 100 degrees to 70/80ish, it's going to be COLD to us!)

Garage and Marine's room as always last because it's a war zone. I haven't a CLUE what's good and what's not. He must decide and go through everything...