So Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Lent. They all mark the beautiful FORTY Days before Easter. I say beautiful because it allows us the time to reflect the season, the grace, the mercy given to us by Jesus as He died upon a cross for sins He did not commit; like a pure, blameless lamb sent for sacrifice in the Old Testament times and traditions.  It gives us HOPE that we can be blameless once we allow Jesus to be our Saviour. Sure we sin, but it's washed away with redemptive properties, repentance, and turning away from sin or sin patterns/behavior.  It was stated that if your eye causes you to sin, cut it out. Really, I'm going to maim myself? No, it's not figurative, but an illustration. If watching certain movies causes one to lust after women and men, it's time to pull the plug on watching them. If hanging out with certain women/ladies/girls allows you to focus on bashing others, gossiping, and saying things that aren't encouraging to anyone who hears, it's time to get new friends. If x causes y and x blames y,  then it's time to reevaluate...

SO, this season we are entering is BEAUTIFUL.  Spring is blossoming all around us, the temperatures are reaching high 80s and are into the 90s in the sun. (It's already hotter here than it will be in Indianapolis most of the year!) Spring cleaning is well underway thanks mostly to the move, bikini workouts are flooding the shelves, television shows, and magazines, and it's a season of renewal. It's a time to start fresh.


And With the fresh start, I participate in Lent, to an extent. My convictions this year are threefold. They're items that I've been addicted too as of recently and have put more focus on them and their controlling properties than myself. I've also added things to my daily routine to focus more on my self and my relationship with God and others.

I was well on my way to drinking something this huge and ginormous of Diet Pepsi, every single day, sometimes TWICE a day.  It's BAD. One 44 oz. diet pepsi is only $0.84. That's perfect for fluffy, perfect carbonation that doesn't taste like plastic or aluminum. I'd prefer glass bottle soda, but that's QUITE expensive and made FOR Mexico, here.

Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, or any chocolate for that matter. I'd am addict because I apparently love my sugar levels to be skyrocketed so much that I'll choose to eat more so I don't get the sugar crash. Healthy, right? So looong chocolate.

Those that cater to Pepsi-cola and it's wonderfulness. Actually I've given up all fast food. I don't eat it a lot, but I cannot ignore those lovely fountain diet pepsi caterers. Taco Bell has to be almost complete perfection for American Mexican CHEAP gross food. I KNOW they use fillers in the "meat" products but it's yummy therefore I don't care.  :D

So, that's my list of no-nos....