Things I love. {Currently.}

Word Feud on my PHONE. It's scrabble with friends, randomly. I loove it.

If you have an android phone and want to kick my butt  play against me, my username is "veggiesarebad".

Buttery, fluffy, LOFTHOUSE Cookies. E.v.i.l. 

I picked up the book from the library for an Italian Dinner I'm hosting for the youth group fundraiser Saturday.  I didn't realize that she's a REAL Housewife of yadda yadda something or other. But I love the book. The dialog is honest, open, and HELPFUL. It lists ingredients true to their Italian heritage and how the food we came to know as ITALIAN is American Italian and UNHEALTHY. 
There's some cattiness about the show in the book, and some ridiculous passive aggressiveness, too but the food history and information is much deeper and worth skimming over the nuances of a REAL housewife to get too.

It's JILLIAN, what's not to love? 
She's focused, talented, passionate, helpful, and less goofy. Her KILLER attitude is subdued in this dvd and she's more at ease with herself and teaching skills than ever before. I'd almost say she's compassionate. I think BOB has worn off on her. :D
Also, it's four weeks. The moves done in week one and not repeated again in the dvd. 
New moves, new challenges.

Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time (March through November). We do not "spring Forward" in Phoenix -- we always stay on Mountain Standard Time.  In Arizona, we just don't need an extra hour of sun.