New Steps.

I dropped the Marine off at the airport yesterday morning around 0530. Which means I was awake much earlier than that, yuk. The Marine is now in Indianapolis looking at houses with a realtor. It's scary, exciting, and going to be MUCH cheaper than rent. A house payment with escrow for less than $600 a month, yes please!!! SO, that's adding to our already craziness these days.

 I've also been the Compassion International Representative for our church last Sunday for Compassion Sunday, but we're also carrying it over into this upcoming Sunday as well. We had over seven children sponsored and will have many more sponsored as we're exclusively receiving child packets from the Dominican Republic this time. Our church is going on a mission trip to the DR and those that go, can MEET their sponsored child, how AMAZING is that? It's like a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so excited for them. I am absolutely thrilled and blessed to be a part of the Compassion Sunday. I have been praying about becoming a child advocate for them after we move. I've been offered a couple spots with them, but I can't commit to two years in Yuma because I won't be living here for two years start to finish. Indianapolis will be able to use me as a Compassion Representative and I cannot wait to see how God moves in that City.