Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The Marine's birthday was Monday and I am pretty sure the Marine Corps knew it, too. He was given surprise tasks that are typically NOT on the agenda for his regular mundane Mondays. But, at least this meant he didn't have duty on Tuesday! There's always some sun in the rain. With all these tasks needed completing on Monday, he didn't arrive home till well after 1800 (six). By the time he opened his birthday cream horns, he no longer had motivation to do anything. So, his birthday was spent doing VERY little... and he received NO presents, because he said NO to them and we're buying a house. BUT, his buddy Luis brought over his birthday present yesterday...

Mosin Nagant

The Mosin-Nagant, a bolt-action, center-fire, internal magazine fed, rifle has been in operation since 1891 when it was first used in Russia. A real RUSSIAN rifle, the Marine's first actual gun. (and so it begins...). It's made/created pre-World Wars, but is in MINT condition. The Marine was like a little kid with their first bike or baseball glove excited. It was adorable. He spent the rest of the evening playing around with that. So, I guess my lack of present did not bother him any longer. Oh, did you notice the BAYONET attachment.       {{ Yus, he can stab some redcoats now.}}

Marines and their rifles...he he he.

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