Does anyone know where last week went? Monday? Can't remember. Tuesday? A blurrr
Wednesday? Ah yes, a four and a half hour float down in the Colorado River. I'm still recovering from the sunburn{{ and YES, I wore sunscreen }} followed by Youth group and after party at AppleBees. Thursday? Laying in bed all day because of sunburn and dehydration and lack of motivation. Friday? Shopping for free stuff, gas, things on the list like rawhides, laundry detergent, dishwasher tablets, etc.
I got free towels, yankee candles, powerball tablets, toothbrush, lysol wipes, and $60.00 sheets for less than twenty bucks. It was a good shopping day...plus the groceries I got for free was ridiculous as well...(for a good resource on all things CHEAP check out www.hip2save.com)

I've cooked this week, which could be what happened on Monday/Tuesday because I don't remember. I'll post recipes soon because the stuff was amazing. Last night we had grilled quesadillas, like ON THE GRILL out back grilled. They were delicious and crisp instead of slimy and fatty. And we had nachos to celebrate the soon to be Cinco de Mayo. We'll probably have more next Friday, too even though it'll be post Cinco de Mayo because we're so cool like that and we live in Mini-Mexico. I might even make our Pina Coladas to share (along with an experiment) but without the alcohol, without telling people there isn't alcohol.{{ Some people have become co-dependent on alcohol since they turned 21...}}

We have a carwash for the Youthins today. It's for camp, all three-ish people who have signed up to go. It's sad really because people don't want to go to camp. I couldn't ever wait to go to camp. I guess that is the difference in having a locally supported church camp versus going as a youth group. I never went as a youth group to camp and I cherish those memories because I made more friends that way.