Update April 2011

Our offer on the house has been accepted. In fact, it's so accepted that all realty sites have removed their listing of the house! It's both scary and exciting.  It was accepted within 12 hours, but we knew it would be when we submitted the paperwork. Our realtor is both the buyer and seller realtor so while there are lines she couldn't cross, we did know that we were in the safe zone of being accepted. The house and property are valued at THREE times the price we're actually paying. People pay more for cars/SUVs/Trucks than what we're paying for this house. It's incredible. The house as it stands is in perfect condition. The only fixes are updating to our styles/uses. It's currently styled around a 1950s bungalow, but that's all just cosmetics, paint, stain, and our labor.

Glacier Pool or Fresh Water for the Office and Rain Washed or Aqua Breeze for the living room.

The house contains a study/library, living room, dining room, laundry room, master bed, master bath, giant kitchen, second bath, an entire upstairs loft bedroom area and half bath, plus a basement that could be finished. And I have LAND. Land to turn into a vegetable/fruit/herb garden and patio. I have a grape arbor, which is so exciting. Concord grapes will make me happy this summer!!

The Marine's Birthday is Monday. We'll be going to Chili's for his birthday as I just got a coupon in my email for either a free appetizer or a free dessert. We always get a tripped dipper appetizer and split it for our entree. $10.00 and we didn't have to cook that day because if we eat Chili's for lunch, we don't want a huge dinner. We typically end up snacking on popcorn, almonds, or making something really light. I don't eat meat twice in one day, it just makes me uncomfortable.

SO, now onto Master's degree programs?! Any suggestions? haha, if it were only THAT easy. I've been seriously looking into Non-Profit Management and Sustainability Ag/Design.  Non-profit Management has been a favorite only because I truly didn't learn much about it in my B.A. program. They were more concerned about profit/tourism side of the program because apparently no one gets a degree to work for the little wages that non-profits provide. Except that I want to work where my passion lies, not where the money is made; that's what the Marine is for haha, I'm just kidding, kind of.

In other un-related post news, I have one more week until I can consume all things chocolate, diet pepsi, and fast food. But do I really want too? I haven't craved it since about the second week. Although I must admit that sometimes fast food is such the easy way out. If I am out running errands, it just makes more sense to grab a dollar menu taco or something to tide me over instead of running all the way home or packing a lunch...because I NEVER know where my errands will take me. I'm too impulsive/sporadic like that. However, I never eat until I am full or stuffed so I don't get that "what in the world did I just eat" question in my head. Or the "why did I just eat that much?" Those are not fun feelings to have.  But, I must say I DO miss my diet pepsi. I've been drinking more water lately and think I may stick to the occasional 44oz diet pepsi and probably hate it so much I won't drink it all. One can only hope. Soda is killing me.