Walk like a PENGUIN.

Last night the Marine and I made an offer on a house. It's a cute adorable bungalow close to down town Indianapolis, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Super Target and the important things in life like the SPEEDWAY. It's also close to a Carneceria. Which is something we're used to in Yuma as being a Spanish meat market. It's exciting to think we'll have a little piece of Yuma with us in the Midwest and can continue our pursuit on making delicious authentic mexican recipes. Once we get the offer accepted and close on it, I'll share more about this new transition in our lives. It needs updating so that will all have to be documented SOMEWHERE....and I'll need help on some decisions. Do I keep the wood moulding as is, make it darker, paint it white? This shot is the den/library/office space.  I DO know that the house colors will be teals, blues, greens, greys/neutrals. I just noticed that there isn't an overhead light in this room. Thank goodness for lamps.

I've also been looking into Master Degree Programs, since there are a million colleges/universities inside Indiana. I'm at a crossroads between Non-Profit Management and Sustainable Design/Ag type stuff. I want to work at Church Camps, but they're only hiring summer counselors, and uhm, that's not what I want to do. So, I'm looking into the co-ops, the community gardens, the locally grown food restaurants, and seeing how I can piece it all together. Plus, I cannot wait to start my own ginormous garden. The house has a producing grape arbor and persimmon tree already and that's a great start. Oh, and the ZOO and Children's Museum are possible work places, as well. The Zoo has penguins!!! And regular things like dolphin programs, lions, tigers, and bears. They have amazing internships that are for behind-the-scenes jobs and I would love to apply, but the dates have passed. If I don't have a job this fall, I'll more than likely put in my application. 


Aw, what a fun time! I hope the offer gets accepted! Then you can start doing inspiration boards and thinking about how you'll decorate in those gorgeous colors. :)