austin-tacious teal?

My house is a HOT mess.

The Marine leaves tomorrow to start the drive towards Arkansas(family visit) and onto Indiana for home inspections and to close on the house.

There's been tornadoes the past few days in the parts of the land that he'll be driving through!!! {{ahhhh}}

Most everything I own is boxed away and I don't secretly like it, I LOVE it. It's so refreshing and easy and I have LOADS more to purge apparently once we move. {[We need the weight to get the money on our move]}.

The American Dream is killing the American Christian culture.

I have one tote of clothes to choose from each day which contains: jeans, work-out clothes, and church clothes. All under garments and non t-shirts are still available, though.

We haven't resorted to living from paper cups and plates, though. My recycling self just cannot do that much damage...

Our house is going to be scoured repeatedly throughout the next two weeks as we have to have it "show" ready if potential renters would like to see it. ( I am not sure how rooms full of boxes make it look HOMEY, but sure...bring em on!)

And my reward for working like a slave scrubbing on my hands and knees the carpets and linoleum... a fresh pedicure and  this.