1. Do you think civilians, in general, understand the meaning of Memorial Day?

I think they can understand it, but not GET IT until they've gone through it personally. We went to the Memorial Day Ceremonies every year and understood what the Day was about and later in High School were part of the parade celebrations for Memorial Day. However, until one knows the sacrifices of military life, I don't think one can comprehend the ultimate sacrifice...

2. What are your plans for the Memorial Day Weekend?

I have no plans for Memorial Day. My husband is on his way to Arkansas for the weekend and I'm home alone. I have graduation stuff to attend for some youthins, but that's about it. I DO want to do something fun like maybe SeaWorld or something, though.

3. What skill/talent do you wish you had? submitted by The 3 Turners

I wish I could have a specialty in my career. I can event plan, but don't have the certification. I can manage parks and recreation things, but don't have the certification, etc. It goes on and on. Parks and Recreation is way too broad of a topic and while I LOVE non-profit and church campy stuff, that's not a HUGE job market area...ANYWHERE.
4. Which came first: the chicken or the egg? submitted by I Married Into The Army

I'd like to think the chicken did since God created and formed the animals first.

5. What is the best thing about your post (base)? The worst? submitted by Randomly, Robyn

The best thing about MCAS Yuma would be the weather for 9 months of the year. You can't beat it. Sun 98 percent of the year with only 2 MINOR rainstorms, temperatures that reach 90s by March/April make for looong hot swimable summers. PLUS, it's only 3hours to San Diego to cool off and 3 hours to PHX if you want to see local attractions.

The worst thing would be tied, the job market, or the snowbirds that attack the area for said nine months of the year. They bring those HUGE RVs down from Canada and Washington, mainly and drive on our little roads and then drive SLOOOOOWW and stuff all our traffic up. It's not cool. Yuma's umeployment has reached 33%. I in three people do NOT have a job here, it's BAD!  PLUS, if you do get a job, one must be bi-lingual in spanish. Catch-22.

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I agree that I don't think civilians really get Memorial Day. I don't think most have any idea why they're getting a 3 day weekend. Great answers to the fill in!