The greatest generation...

5 Reasons Why it's more fun to hang out with the OLDER generations:

1. They don't care about the latest drama or gossip or "prayer request"
2. They can COOK like grandma, cause they're typically grandparents ;)
3.  You can trust what they're saying because they've earned the respect and trust and knowledge to say it
4. There are NO late nights.
5. They MEAN what they say when they tell you they'll miss you and give you advice.. ...


Jennifer Bowen said…
I agree with your list of reasons. You're making me miss my grandmother who is currently miles and miles away from us. She is the best cook and can make the simplest things extraordinary. My children love to hang out with her. She loves to share her vast knowledge of things with them. She is also very wise and tries to impart that wisdom to me and my husband.