It's a big big House..

We got a phone call at 0530 this morning. The Marine's ring tone is WAY obnoxious and annoying during the daylight hours, but even moreso during the sleeping hours. It was so annoying that he thought to hit SNOOZE before answering his phone thinking that noise could possibly be the morning alarm.  It was quite the spectacle. And of course, trying not to wake ME because I hate being woken up unexpectedly (which is a guilty pleasure of my children-free SAHW status) so this turns into a circus.

But, it's good news. The water was turned off on the house therefore the WET spot in the teeny tiny corner of the basement wasn't caused from outside or inside water. I am not sure on this logic, but a HUGE weight has been lifted off of the Marine's shoulders and everything is falling into place on the house. We'll be in this new house in less than a MONTH and in a new state, new church, new everything and I can start a career, not just a JOB!

It's all surreal now. A house that is ours again, a garden, a place to call home close that is central to where each of us call "home".  A fresh start, new beginning, new new new new. It's amazing what God has planned for us, when our plans are so tiny yet HIS are so huge and so much MORE.

This is what it's starting to look like around here. Thankfully with this being the SIXTH move, most of our stuff is already organized in rubbermaide totes and stored in closets (which is illogical cause we obviously don't need that said stuff). But the Marine wants to make weight so I am not allowed to get rid of anything till after we move. How annoying is THAT? But a HUGE purge will follow and it'll feel so freeing and amazing. It'll be like Christmas while unpacking things I haven't seen in a couple months, and trying to remember WHY I need said stuff in the first place. I am just glad for services like Craigslist, ebay, and freecycle.