Mum's Day

Happy Belated Mum's Day.
 I called mum yesterday and txt'd my Step-Mum to wish them a happy day. I'm not really close to my step mum but she is part of the family and I do respect her for that. She's never treated me any different so that's awesome.

Mum's day is always bitter-sweet with not being a mum, yet. That road hasn't been easy for us and we're only in the initial testing stages. We are very open for adoption and will adopt regardless of having biological children or not. So, I know SOMEDAY I will celebrate Mother's Day as a Mum.

 It just breaks my heart that so many people can be blessed by/with children and don't want them or see them as a hindrance or consequence. I don't know how they can see themselves as more important than a child or baby... Heartbreaking.

But I know Jesus can heal that pain and restore the ache in my heart, and that is what truly matters.