It's link-up time. The hubbi left the house already (and it's just now 0700) to start his loong road trip. However, when he gets back, we'll be official home owners for the third time. We already have a house in Massachusetts and will now have one in Indy, which I think is FABULOUS.

Oh, and the TIGER exhibit opens this weekend in the Indianapolis very exciting. Not to mention the races at Indy speedway this weekend.... woot. It'll be busy for the Marine, but he'll enjoy it.

so, without further ado..

and....It's song link up time, too @ Goodnight Moon. Today's Theme Song: Emery's THE CURSE OF PERFECT DAYS! It's a great summer anthem considering I'm moving away from SUMMER temps in the summer to SPRING/WINTER temps in the summer. I mean, I won't even DARE leave the house without pants if it's not over 90 degrees, otherwise, it's chilly and I'll freeeeze. Weird, no?
I'm definitely going to miss Yuma's fluffy warm sun.


prtrixie said…
OK, so what are YOU doing this weekend? Would love to get together A.S.A.P.
Goodnight moon said…
Yuma? LOL! I lived there and actually graduated high school from Kofa. My dad was a Marine too...go figure! I miss it too! I just was there last month visiting again. I do miss it. You learn to love Yuma, that's forsure!

Thanks for linking up again this week!
TerinAleah said…
I'm a new follower! :)