We salute YOU.

Grandfather- Army
Uncles- Army, Navy
Cousins- Air Force, Army, Navy (1 still AD)
Husband- USMC (AD)
Sister- Army
Brothers-in-law- Army, USMC

 Thank You for serving! and I thank GOD that I still have them all here, near and dear to cherish. However, we know friends, loads of friends that haven't been so lucky.  We know classmates, fellow Marines of the Husband, fellow church members, and family of church members that haven't been so lucky. For them, this is their day to shine and be remembered. For without them, we would not have our freedoms.

For those whom been injured and made it back, still trying to support their families, for those families who are still supporting their Military members, and for those who've been "forgotten" we adore you and Thank GOD for you.

Happy Memorial Day, friends.