What's YOUR song?

Nothing compares to this song right now. I've been emotionally slammed this week and I can't take any more of it because it'll just put me back into my world with thick concrete walls once again, trusting no one and not sharing...

Oh, and I am linking up to Goodnight Moon's What's YOUR song?

and another brand spanking new link-up ..


Goodnight moon said…
It's no fun to have an emotional week. I'm so sorry:( Sending you hugs!!!!!

Great song link up this week. I've never seen this video before either.

Thanks for coming over to link up this week!
Nicole Marie said…
Love this song.

I hope things get better into the weekend :)

I am also a new follower :)

Feel free to check my blog out at www.beingamarinewife.blogspot.com
Mrs. H said…
As my hubby's mom always says, "count it all joy." I sometimes get annoyed when I hear that, but it is true. Praying that you have a better week!!!!