how do I get out?

After a normal typical week of unpacking, it's usually done and things are finding homes. 

This has not been a typical move by any means. 

We're still entertaining our guests and haven't adjusted to the time zone changes. 

Everyone's up till past midnight and sleeping in to around nine in the morning. That's a lot of sleep and I am really feeling it with being OVERLY tired all day. (oh yeah, the everyone also includes the 4 year old nephew... )
So, we are alive, adjusting and checking out the sights.
Someday the house will be unpacked and we can get things like a ceiling fan and a door handle for the bedroom; both of which we currently do not have.
There's not even a PLACE or hole to put a door handle on our bedroom door, which is fun when the bedroom is off the living room and you have people visiting. 

Pictures will follow once things calm down. It's a tornado in this place. 
Plus, there are some funny things here that yall just NEED to see.

Stay tuned, I'll be back :)


prtrixie said…
So glad you arrived safely. Wish we could be there to help with the moving of boxes and such, but it is a bit of a drive for us now!

We hope you find the church home God has waiting for you there in Indianapolis A.S.A.P.

Give Chris our love too.
Mom and Roger