is ESQUE a word?

Aw yes, a perfectly good Saturday to catch up on blog-ville and such. The Marine is rebuilding the upstairs. Did I tell yall that yet? It's a good mess up there currently. We weren't sure what the space was used for before, but theres a ginormous closet and bathroom with sink and toilet and paneling. Or was paneling. The Marine's been spending his days taking paneling off, putting up drywall, and now building built in bookshelves for the space. There's TONS of room up there that the previous owners just had sanctioned off by paneling the gable areas. We think they're perfect areas for shelves, beds, etc. The Marine's even making a secret entrance into a gable area; I told ya he's MacGyver. This space will house his Ham Radio room, my scrapbook/craft room, an office area and guest bedroom all in one plus the bathroom up there, too. We were going to change it into the Master suite, but the plumbing is mettlesome and we've don't want to mess with that again.

Inspiration piece

So, we have checked out a plethora of Farmer's Markets lately and I think I found my favorite one: Broad Ripple. It takes about twenty minutes to get too because of all the red lights and downtown areas to drive through, but it's worth it. We got kale, blueberries, red peppers homemade noodle and also some herb plants for the garden.

The house is coming together, but we're awaiting the finishing of the built-ins so we can place the books, dvds, cds upstairs and get rid of their boxes downstairs. Oh, and my scrapbook and office stuff; that's all currently sitting in the mud room part of the kitchen. Hopefully by the end of this week, it'll be done, painted, and the room will be fabulous! Till then.. just imagine this cutey patootey bungalow.

 This is our bungalow; that is until they (previous owners) remodeled and transformed it into bungalow-esque cottage circa 2005. They added an addition in the back, moved a few walls around and the upstairs, it's one room with a closet and bathroom enclosed (again, for now!) Oh, and our dormer window isn't that big and our porch has metal railings instead and brown...every.where. (ew).