Shake your boom boom now..transformers...

I love the summer nights in the Midwest.

Things are amazingly good 'round these parts...

Lightning bugs, s'mores, sparkly new dual charcoal/gas grill with smoker attachment, the sounds of the Brickyard 400 practices, pretty candles, diet mountain dew voltage, and blogger.

The Marine's New toy Grill

What more do I need on an evening such as this?

Oh right; bug repellant, citronella candles, bug zapper, whatever I NEED to get rid of mosquitos. These things are ridiculous and unnecessary in my world.
Mosquito sucker via

Oh, and the Marine checks in on Friday.... he's going to be UBER busy with his new job as he'll be quite high up on the food chain. I'm not telling you how HIGH due to security reasons, but it's a busy position nontheless; Yall will have to trust me on that one. :)

Cell phone background. yes, it's for the original Transformers, but aren't those cars/autobots sexy?

We watched Transformers Dark Side of the Moon in 3-d IMAX this afternoon.  It was FABULOUS, but could have just stuck with either IMAX or 3-d alone as it didn't really add to the movie, except COST. ($13.00/ticket!!) I am not going to spoil it for anyone, but it's good if you like the previous movies and especially good if you didn't like Megan Fox and her parts all hanging out. The ONLY "sexual" part of the third installment is the very first opening scene; afterwards it's action, arguing, power  struggles, and CGI. Oh, and this one has more inappropriate language than the others. So, it was a trade off sexuality versus language, which most of the time the words aren't said directly but if you've been around the military, you KNOW what they were saying. I loved it, as my background on my cell phone is transformers and I admit to being nerdy about it. Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, I grew up with them all. The Marvel comic movies I am slowly getting into as I didn't watch the cartoons or read the comic books growing up. It's a good thing I married my g33ky Marine so he can explain them all to me. <3