So, I've jested long enough about what Yuma truly looks like. Sure, there are places out in the county that look like DESERT, but..just follow these pictures and you might just change your mind.
Or never want to move here, either thanks to random people shooting downtown at the Courthouse!!

Deserts aren't GREEN, are they?

But but...there's more....

Did we move to the Midwest of the United States? I am pretty sure this looks like Ohio, Indiana, or maybe Kansas...

Oh yes... We have farmlands that stretch and stretch and stretch.
And yes, we STILL live in the desert.
But it's a dry heat, right?

Water in the desert. Yes, that makes perfect sense.

we ship fromMexico, right?
Nope...guess again.

That doesn't look like any desert I have ever ever seen in
pictures ..or real life. It CERTAINLY isn't like Twenty-nine Palms, the other USMC arm-pit.

So farmland, some

We gather water from the Colorado River.

It's actually very controlled by the dams, and such.
Oh, and that DRY heat people mention? No such thing. Do you see how the river snakes around? Yes, it provides humidity on TOP of 120 degree temperatures in the Summer. *bleh*
But because of this awesome river, we have awesome swimming to cool off.

Oh, and it provides entry into California. (Which is about three miles from my home).

google Ocean to Ocean Bridge, it's quite fascinating.
BIG huge steam boats and ship used to come through here...

I've kayaked, swam, floated down, and PEED in that river.
Yup, I just said I peed in the river and I am NOT the only one.

So...come back later to see why MCAS Yuma is the Marine Corps best kept secret as places to be stationed.
I have LOADS of pictures to show.
And the awesomesauce thing is that most of these pictures were taken yesterday NEAR-ish the site of today's shooting.
God sure was looking out for me once again.

So..Yuma. Check it out.

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Emily said…
I have been over that bridge a few times! Aren't they building a new much bigger bridge that hands from the mountains? Were you traveling or do you live near there, vegas maybe?

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