1. Are you a different person than you were five years ago? submitted by Sisterly Thoughts
There's been loads of changes inside and out. Inside I've changed to be closer and stronger with God, with friends, with everything. I've graduated from college, I've moved three times (NC, AZ, IN), my interests have changed, and I am still not a parent...

2. If you could go on Amazing Race, who would you take with you as your partner and why? submitted by Thoughts from a Poekitten
The answer should be my husband, but I am sure we'd annoy each other and make loads of arguing because we're complete polar opposites. He follows a plan, I'll go off spontaneously and not let him tell me where to go. ha ha. {{It's quite fun on moving trips. }}. Although, it might make us stronger, so we'll stick with that.
3. Does Facebook or Twitter actually bring more stress or good in to your life? submitted byJust an Arizona Girl
I don't let them...if someone is being passive aggressive and using it for drama, there's a simple HIDE button or DELETE post or person button. There's no sense in causing it to rile someone else up or ask questions about "what's wrong"..if someone wanted to tell you, they'd tell you without you having to ask...
4. June is National Soul Food Month- what’s your soul food? submitted by NH Girl Displaced
Complete soul food like would eat any time of the day or night or for 30 days straight? Covered Bridge pizza in North Kinsgville, Ohio. Or pepperoni rolls, or El Zarape on Emerald Isle, NC. mmm enchiladas.
5.  If you could live in any other era than the current, which one would it be & why? submitted by Sugar in My Grits 
I'd really like to see the 50s, because it fascinates me, but in reality the 60,70,80 were pretty cool, too. They had amazing music, amazing movies, and amazing changes happening. If only we could erase a few wars in there, too...


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