Spoofy Yuma

Warning, loads of goofy, fun pictures to make Yuma seem typical in an A-typical jest.

So Yuma is typically thought of as desert climate, temperatures, landscape, and adventures. It's typically not on the TOP of anyone's DREAM LIST in the Marine Corps to be stationed.

There's nothing but rough sand, browness, sky, and hot hot hot hot sun...

Of course, there's also the Marine Corps Air Station.

Oh, and Yuma Proving Ground. Yup, we have ARMY folks here, too.

Oh, and a Chevy test track. You know those commercials where they drive crazy distances in OPEN land. Thats us.

We are also thought to have loads and loads of these little cacti to make mucho catus. They hurt abuntantly so don't go jumping on them, ok?

Oh, and like other places on the west coast, we have mountains. Because of the Rockies, we have fun mountains to climb up some couple thousand feet to ascension. It's pure awesomeness and adrenaline rushing and dehydrating all in one. You should try it.

We also have these silly things. They look cute and cuddly, but trust me, they're pointy, evil, and full of anger.

So, that's what is typical of Yuma, right?
Oh ye of little knowledge about some random USMC base in the middle of lil mexico, Arizona.

This is just the beginning....

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Anonymous said…
hahahaha oh man I know exactly what you are talking about!
For the most part Yuma is not too bad but it definitely has it moments where I just want to run away screaming :)
Nicole Marie said…
Oh yes!! Pokey green things, ostriches as pets and desert are on my dream list for sure! Lol. This post had me cracking up!

I am sure Yuma has its moments of being pretty nice, but yea, coming from Florida and California I really, REALLY don't ever want to be stationed there.