Yuma is where?

Eight Days left in YUMA. It's surreal, exciting, daunting, and sad all in one. It's been a crazy zig zag ride.  We've been here and there and every place in between. I am thinking about going out and taking some fabulous pictures only YUMA has to offer me. What do you think?  Road trip around the city coming up. It'll give me something to do today without being inside packing or sorting or organizing or SOMETHING. And I can get away with it because I don't have Arizona license plates, they'll just think I am either a snow bird or tourist driving around. I like it.

So, when I get back later on, be prepared for a tour through Yuma. It'll be exciting, unique, and maybe make you want to visit. It's nothing like a typical desert, though so WATCH OUT!


Anonymous said…
I live in Yuma :) How long have you been here?
Nicole Marie said…
GOOD! I look forward to seeing a side to Yuma that is much better than what I am picturing it to be. :)