It's a

I've been M.I.A. lately and I apologize.

The in-laws are here, for the THIRD time since we moved a month ago. AND my dad and step monster are arriving this weekend to attend the Brickyard 400 with us. So, it's been crazy nonstop "babysitting" nieces and nephews from destroying my OCD clean/organized house and entertaining and cooking and playing and trying to clean up. My house is NOT child/baby proof and those who visit seem to think it SHOULD be and act like it's okay for little hands to play with And not listen when I say NO or don't or stop.

Someday my house will get unpacked and the upstairs will be completed and I can look for a job instead of entertaining the masses that pass through my house. Or college. Both are feasible right now.

Oh, and my long lost power cord to my other laptop has been found so pictures can be taken and updated on the goings on in and out of the house. Museums, Zoo, renovations, paint, the actual house itself, etc.

Turn the siding into a cream color and accents ALL dark brown and without a fireplace. (why did they take it out!!) That's our cute lil bungalow.
What coordinated with cream and brown? I need a front door color, badly!!!

And then there's the Marine's which his face and name and face and name are on everything here. He cannot escape and as a Marine is doing things above his paygrade, but is learning a LOT and it quite grateful for the opportunity. He never complains about his job, because that's not his personality, but I can tell which days are stressful and which days are not.

How's everyone else doing?