Only Girl

Oh, it's song-link-up time again. I love this part of the bloggy postings because there's nothing better than finding new tunes to workout, clean, drive, too is there? So, here's my pic of the week as I get ready to have SIX family members from two different places and two different toddler ages come visit. {{Where's the benedryl when you NEED it.}} Oh yeah, and I haven't met my neice yet and she's 2.5 so this shall be quite an adventure. Long story short my dad and step mum have custody of my neice and my nephew from my step-sister. Nephew is in North Carolina with his other grandpa. :)

Boyce Avenue? LOOOVE him and His Katy Perry song, Firework,  but this isn't that song, it's way better.  Check it out and swoon. It's like Michael Buble meets Michael Stipe. yes. like that.


Tristan said…
OMG. I must add him to my I-pod. That is a yummy man voice!
What a great song! I love his voice. Thanks for sharing. :)