Weekend Adventures.

I've had more family here over the weekend, hence my absence on all things bloggy related. My dad, step-mum, and niece arrived Thursday night and left yesterday afternoon. It was a nice visit and they'll be back in twoish weeks to attend the BRICKYARD 400, that we got FREEEE tickets to attend.  They're $75.00/piece typically, but with the great USMC world, free. The only thing is dad and Carol have to find someone to watch Zavian and Skye, my nephew and niece they have custody of. No biggie, I hope.  I don't think I could handle both kids in my house anyhow; it's far from "child" proofed because darn it, I don't have kids and enjoy decorating with stuff that isn't KID-friendly. I don't know how many times I had to say no, don't touch, this isn't a toy, no, no, no, this weekend, but it was A LOT! Funny thing is, if I had EVER done anything that Skye was doing all weekend, my butt would have had a leather belt across it, but because she's the grandkid, it's all cute and adorable. GREAT GATSBY how times have changed.

We ended up going to the Indianapolis Zoo finally. We became members plus two, so now when people come to visit, we can all go for free. Not a bad deal at all since I know everyone loves the zoo. I certainly do because duh, they have PENGUINS! The dolphin show is okay, but it's the only dolphin show outside of SeaWorld so I give them mad props for that. I am going back on Friday for the last ZooaPaLooza of the season. The Marine will be gone for a few days for a conference and I'm left to my own devices with Belle so I'll have a painting party while he's away :D

Both my church in Yuma and in North Carolina have their youth camps this week. I an uber jealous and miss them both. I'd LOVE to be in Daytona Beach with amazing youthins, the Bestie, and Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio. I miss teaching actually. I haven't done it since February when we switched out teachers in youth and they un-involved us.