What to do on Fridays?

Things to do on a Friday for fun around these parts:

TEN loads of laundry to include: sheets, blankets, rugs, towels, workout clothes, cammies, etc..all washed, dried, and put away which is HUGE for me. 
ALL sheets, blankets, pillow cases put back on guest bed, our bed, pull-out couch or put away for future use.
Living room re-arranged and vacuumed thanks to all the dog hair and potato chips (thanks in-laws)
Entry way swept, mopped, and straightened up
Guest Bathroom cleaned, rugs switched, guest towels added 
Front room re-arranged, turned into office and vacuumed.
Basil and purple basil replanted due to growth and mosquito repelling desires.
Back yard mowed
Dishes washed
Jillian Michaels work out completed
Recycling bagged up.
Cardboard disassembled and taken out
Trash gathered and taken out

What have you been up to today?