Zoom Zoom Zoom

What an awesome Sunday.
We had FREE seats/tickets between turns three and four, where ALL the action was located.
The spinout, right in front of us.

The final passing into second place.
Menard finally winning a race after 166 starts; fantastic.
The random smoking and ALMOST wall hitting all took place there.
Most yellow flags were due to our section of the track. 
It was the BEST seats except for that whole SUN thing.
I'm a little red in places even after applying spf 50, two times.  
The race was only from 1300-1615ish.
It was a NIGHTMARE trying to get home, traffic wise.
 Apparently if you live south east a mile from the track, you have to drive five miles out of the way to get home so the traffic flow leaving the track is not interrupted. (oy)
We're definitely race car fans for sure now.
The Marine has never been to a race before, this was his inaugural race and I think he's addicted.

So, what did yall do today?