Chocolate, pizza, and Jesus.

It's MIL Spouse Friday Fill-In Time. Yay...
1. The first thing I think of when I get up in the morning is what time is, it, I have to potty, and who text'd me last night?
2. Lately, I’ve been craving  CHOCOLATE because it's the thing that tastes good while I'm on antibiotics...and it's smooth and yummy.
3. Whenever anyone says the word PIZZA it reminds me of my childhood because my hometown is famous for it's Pizza, Stromboli, and Italian Heritage.
4. The happiest word I know is Jesus but for many others, He's a source of contention.
5. My spouse may hate it, but I absolutely love quirky romantic comedies and t.v. show like Hot in Cleveland, Ally McBeal,Grey's Anatomy.

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Party Of Four said…
Love this. I am the same way when I get up in the morning. And I pretty much always crave chocolate! Haha

Have a bless weekend! Stopping in from Design it Chic!.
Kasondra said…
Yep. Number 1 is spot on for me too...except it's "Who Facebook'd me?"

Just saying HEY from a fellow military wife (Air Force)