Crowd Tap.

Have yall heard of Crowd Tap?

It's a sample and share site in which members earn points, learn about new things in stores, and get to sample some amazing products for free. I was recently chosen to try out OLD NAVY's newest jeans. Actually, I got to choose any pair of jeans for free and had a coupon to give to a friend for a free pair as well.
 Don't you LOVE free things?

How about Old Navy? 

Don't you LOVE them, too.
I certainly do. I have always loved their jeans as they last, have unique fits for all shapes and sizes and are regularly on sale.

I tried on all FOUR of their new styles in a couple different sizes. (This working out thing ROCKS).
I never try on jeans, so this was huge for me. I finally settled on bootcut, my favorite standby. The new flares don't work for me unless I am wearing heels, and we all know how often that occurs. {next to never for this flipflop queen}. Being 5'7" and always wearing jeans on my hips makes their regular length jeans a touch too long, but their short size like flood waters. Ew.

SO, it's official, I have jeans that fit, look great, move when and wear I need them too and are stylish above all. No more baggy falling off, butt-crack showing jeans for me (unless Im wearing them working around the house!) I know Rachel and Jess will be glad of both these factors. :D

*disclaimer: I was compensated for the product, but all opinions are my own. *