MIlSpouse Friday

1. My spouse and I rarely agree on weekends but always agree on attending Church together.
2. If I could use one word to sum up the way I feel right now, it would be Excitement! We're going to Lucas Oil Stadium for a COLTS GAME!!!
3. One of the things my spouse does that grosses me out is bodily gases, ew..
4. My readers may think I’m crazy for doing this, but I really love to  change the design of said blog a million times a year..
5. Frankly, my dear, I don’t  want to go to the VET office this morning, but I have too...


Shari said…
Have fun at the game! My DH is a Colts fan as well. I guess it's an Indiana thing?! LOL
Ashleigh said…
YAY for a COLTS game! It may only be preseason but it's still super fun! I was at the Steelers/Skins game last Friday!
Awww, poor Belle! I hate going to the vet but hate seeing our pets suffer even more :( Hope your weekend gets better!