The Light is Bright!

It's Labor Day weekend-ish. Loads of things have been happening lately and most of them are completely UNEXPECTED. My dog has undergone extensive surgery and treatment and pretty much a makeover. She's now a three-legged dog. It's not hitting us yet because she's still at the vets office, but we're told she is doing quite well. We are in SHOCK! It was suppose to be a simple toe removal that turned into an entire leg in a matter of 3 minutes once they took her bandage off. It seems like it was a drastic measure, but we listened to the vet's advice and went with it. I get sad every time I think about it and miss her like crazy. I've purchased another doggie bed, her favorite treats from Trader Joe's and some more rawhides. She'll get back to normal in no time; at least a NEW normal. So with all this going on, the Marine and I went to a local Christian book store and purchased Addison Road's new cd. So, this song is our theme for the weekend. It's amazing.