Pumpkins give thanks

I have been thinking about gratitude lately, partially because of Ann Voskamp's book "One Thousand Gifts" and partially because it is often taken for granted. Just yesterday someone fixed my dented milk jug while putting it in my cart (checking out) and I said "it's easy fix" instead of a mere THANK YOU! What was I thinking? Me. me. me.me. I could have fixed it, if I noticed it, instead a perfect stranger fixed it with a smile and proclamation that she fixed it for me. No Thanks came from my mouth and I stood there shocked and embarrassed. Lord, please forgive my stupidity and ignorance and selfishness.

Is it so hard to appreciate things these days? Do we not continually look for ways to improve things instead of loving them just the way they are? Maybe that's why I love and adore these gourds?

Aren't they gorgeous in all their bumps, lumps, stripes, textures UNIQUE to them. I know everyone loves a good white pumpkin, too.
But these aren't normal, either. They're a mutation from the original. And we've all come to love them and cherish them for their simplicity to match interior decorating styles, make romantic fall weddings, and create a calming tablescapes away from the fall colors outside our windows.

And of course, the turban pumpkins. Who could resist their charm? They're adorable hat wearing, multi-stripped, textured, and multi-hued. They're unique, different, and yet lovable just the same. Some even look like they have belly-buttons. Why does this suddenly remind me of VeggieTales?
And we have fall's perfect masterpiece; the orangey yellow pumpkin that everyone swoons over. Who knew that orange was such an "in" color? This highly sought after beauty grazes hayfields, porches, swings, decks, benches, tables, and more. And on Halloween, the criminals bored teenagers in the area steal them and smash them where ever they choose.

So, I feel we have a lot to be grateful for, like the pumpkins. We have different characteristics, personalities, tendencies, redundancies, and humor. Yet, we all fit together nicely like the pumpkins and hay on this cart. we have to be Thankful for the grouchy cart pusher in the grocery store who doesn't say THANK YOU, the construction worker who calls you sweetie, the post office employee who reminds you about purchasing CHRISTMAS stamps in September, and of course, our MAKER, GOD Himself.

What more could we be Thankful for in such a season of THANKSGIVING? How can we practice gratitude and thankfulness year 'round without a holiday to remind us? Any tips?


Joni said…
Thanks for sharing. i love white pumpkins best.