Weekend recap.

The inlaws showed up again, a mere 36 hours post surgery for Belle. She isnt allowed to have much fun, and excitement but for those that know her, that will NEVER happen. By Saturday she was out running across the yard, strengthening her back leg. She does doggie yoga to potty now, and amazes me at how quick shes bounced back. I havent posted pictures because I dont want to shock people. I think once it heals completely and her fur grows back, it will look a little less scary for people and Ill post a video of her being her goofy self outside in her favorite cooler weather.
So, with the inlaws here, we ate loads of different mac and cheeses, hot dogs and sausages, cupcakes, smores, etc. We ate comfort food. On Friday and Saturday, it was one hundred degrees. By Monday, a mere sixty degrees was the HIGH. We dont know what to expect, but thats true midwest Indiana weather, apparently.                   
Oh and the military threat level increases as 9/11 approaches. Its expected, but still sad. It seems like yesterday...

Oh yeah, and new paint job in the front room. I had to girlie it up. It was too masculine and such so I stamped on some silver flower circle things. It looks amazing. They only show up when natural light shines on them from the giant windows in that room. I love how it turned out.