Almost ALMOST November.

I'm picking up the Marine from the airport today, hip hip HOORAY! I've missed him...probably moreso than I have on previous deployments and this was only a TDY. I guess when you're used to him going away for 7-11 months at a time, you do get used to it. But when they've been home for a little while, any time away feels like forever. At least, in my personal experience thus far into 11 years of a relationship with my Marine.

November is quickly approaching and I'll be posting some challenges to yall for it. I have been praying about doing the THIRTY DAYS OF GIVING again this year as well as THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS, which I guess can both tie-in quite nicely together. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Yes, I know it's not Christmas or Easter *gasp*, but hear me out. Thanksgiving is family, food, THANKS, GIVING, snow, putting up the tree, some shopping, baking cookies, all the prep work for Christmas. How can you NOT get excited for that? Christmas comes and goes way too fast, but Thanksgiving seems to last at least a weekend.

Oh, and so many other celebrations happen in November, its hard to not get happy. There's the Daylight Savings Time, election Day,  MARINE CORPS BIRTHDAY, Veterans day, right after it,(USMC Birthday BALLS),  my dad's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. That's a lot of celebrating and different fun stuff to look forward to next month. I can't wait to get started.

Oh, and these pictures are various styles and colors I am liking for my Ball Gown this year. Yes, I am late in purchasing one, but I still have two weeks to find that perfect dress for this year. I am SICK of red and black. I need some different colors so I can remember what BALL year it was.

Oh, and if you celebrate it, Happy Halloween. I think trick or treating was last night as my neighbors had their porch lights on while I was working out. I figured it would be Monday, but i really don't know. There were no children outside and there wasn't any extra laughing or children noises, so there's no hypothesis other than porch lights being on that are never on. In fact we thought they were never home at night because lights were rarely seen on anywhere.

So, Happy Halloween. Enjoy the candy, I'll enjoy the day after (november 1st) sales of said candy.


Sarah said…
All those dresses are so pretty! I went to a Cavalry Ball last year and loved it. It's so much fun getting dressed up! :)
Cassie said…
Following from the blog hop! Looking forward to following your blog