Ark plans anyone?

So, it's Friday once again and since there are so many blog hops out there, what better way to get to know people than to show them my Favorite things of the week. Some of the things are favorites that last longer than a week, but we all know our tastes vary over time.

It's been raining and COLD this past week. I've slept with TWO blankets and the furnace on. The temperatures outside haven't gone ABOVE 50, and I don't like it. Belle, the doggie, doesn't mind it. She loves cold weather, which makes me think she does have Husky in her bloodline somewhere along with that blue eye of hers.Rain + Cold + Marine gone = cold, frozen Jen who is kicking butt working out to keep warm. haha. (lost two pounds since he's been gone!)

Onto the favs you really want to know about:

1. Bath and Body Works Autumn Apple. This smells like fall.
2. Shaw Living's Sahara Rug, pictured COAL. My version is spruce, though.
3. 58:Film. 10 Non Profit Companies working together to END Extreme Poverty. Join In!
4. Pirates. Because I still LOVE my blog design, ,Utterly Chaotic Designs deserves more praise.
5. Jamie Grace's cd; One Song at a Time. Toby Mac's found talent. She's awesome and has Tourette's but that doesn't hold her back one bit.
6. Pirates.of.the.Caribbean; On Stranger Tides. There's NOTHING cooler than pirate movies.
7. Rustoluem's Stain in Dark Walnut; a stain that dries in one HOUR, or about 3 when it's RAINING, heck yes. It's amazing, now if they could make it low VOC, it would be PERFECT.
8. Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Formula: makes my rediculous dry, oily, rosacea prone, and allergic to almost every cleanser skin feel important. It's less red, less shiny, less oily, and best of all: smooth.

That's what I have going on this week. The Marine's been out of town and will continue course for at least another week while I have loads of Compassion videos, books to read, conference calls to attend, and such for my Advocacy. PLUS, re-modeling the house, which you can check out over at Cornered Bungalow. Updates later this week about the rooms that are "in progress" through the house.


Hey there... just saw that Autumn Apple is now all half price at B&BW online & immediately thought of you! :-) Hope you score some great loot!!