Arrgh, you landlubbers...

Hello Monday. AKA Columbus Day AKA Anniversary of the Marine and I dating/meeting (11 yrs ago!).
YAY for time off for the Marine, and the mail. Although I LOVE getting mail, it certainly brightens my day to get things like magazines, postcards, cards, pictures, freebies, etc in the mail. Bills are mostly electronic now so that's always a plus.

SO, chances are if you're reading this, you're checking out my new awesomely fabulous PIRATEY theme?!! It's stunning, amazing, slightly grown-up, quirky, and 110% ME! And Guess who I have to give a thousand kudos too? That's right: Brea @ UTTERLY CHAOTIC Designs.  This girl is sweet, amazing, talented, and beyond gifted. I commented Friday on a post and by Sunday night, through our on-going emails sessions, I had this PERFECT new layout and design. She's amazing. Also, she's military affiliated aka loving someone in the Army. Nothing better than loving a military man!

So, go check her out right now, get an amazing design, and if you're also military affiliated, you get a discount. I promise you, you WILL NOT be disappointed.


Ashley said…
I love the new design!! It's so cute!