Bells will be ringing..

Thanksgiving is less than thirty days away.
Black or HOT Friday (depending on which side of the retail line you're in) is 29 days away.
Christmas is a little less than 60 days away. 
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But, you're right, what does that mean? 
Where could I be going with this?

Yall have FIVE days to send in money to your sponsored child for a Christmas present.
And just FIVE days to add money to the pot so that every Compassion child in the program, whether sponsored or not receives a Christmas Present.
Last year, every Compassion Child received $15! 
That's huge when you think that there's over 1.2 MILLION children sponsored and many more waiting to be sponsored. 
Our little Joseph purchased trousers, a shirt, and a toy with his money. 
It's amazing how far just a little bit of money can go in other countries.

But, of course there's still time to do other things for the waiting to be sponsored children.. 
You can write Christmas cards, notes, postcards and send them to Compassion by November 4th so reach the children in time for Christmas. 
YOU can choose to be a blessing to someone you've never met in worlds you've never traveled too...
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So, what's stopping you from sending a couple of those Christmas cards sitting in the Christmas box from years past?
 I have the PERFECT cards I picked up last year on CLEARANCE to send to those children. 
Why not show HIS love to the children HE came to live for?

Help make a difference in the lives of children in need. Now is the time to sponsor a child.