down at Fraggle ROCK...

Oh goodness, yall. Have I been living under a rock? It's quite possible since I don't have cable television, don't listen to the radio and only read books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. But guess what we stumbled upon tonight at Lowe's that screamed buy me?


It's off the hook ( do people still say that?) Amazing and cheaper than MOST other decorating magazines @ $3.99/issue and $15/ten issues. The premier issue is both Oct/Nov 2011 and it's the same size of Rachel Ray and Food Network, meaning it's wider than typical magazines.  Inside the magazine you'll find Open House pictures, tips and tricks from the pros, homes of designers that are REAL, help wanted section, etc. It's great.
We have the same slope in our front yard, just on the right.
This is inspirational. 

But, my favorite thing is the WE LOVE BUNGALOWS pages haha. Being that we purchased our bungalow in June this year, we couldn't agree more. (and check out Cornered Bungalow to see some progress). We've done a lot of updates recently and are enjoying it more each day. Thank You GOD for blessing us with a perfect lil house for us.

Did yall hear about this magazine before or have I been living under a rock?


Jane said…
I love bungalows! Having a porch would be so awesome. And, I love, love the new blog layout! Looks fantastic.
No, I haven't heard of this magazine but I love HGTV anything.
New follower from Semper Wifey,
Taylor said…
I love any house with a porch!