How exciting?

Monday Musings.

2:30 minutes to get the perfect temperature of Spaghettios with meatballs. 

Magazines in the mail like: Urban Garden, Better Homes and Garden, and Pottery Barn's bedding catalog along with Grey's Anatomy on Netflix make me happy.

Removal of OLD dingy, pastel floral wall paper that was in the bathroom and probably never wiped down or cleaned is DONE. 

Thinking about removing the CARPET in the bathroom without wrenching of the possible nasty germs residing in said carpet....

Dreaming of Happy Thanksgiving meals, desserts, and decor with a perfect farmhouse table (to be built)

Water of Life Conference Call 

Missing the Marine, but giddy that he will be home soon.

Working out to both a Jillian and a Bob workout (woohoo for endorphins)

Studying Compassion information, planning, dreaming, and breaking my heart all at the same time.

Planning ZOOBOO visit, and Vampire Vacation @ The Children's Museum.  

Looking for a Marine Corps Ball Dress online...yes, I'm a little behind in this, but it always works out.