Life is for the living..

My Compassion Advocacy box is set to arrive Saturday.  It comes with a whole set of emotions! I am excited, anxious, nervous, happy, and blessed. I've taken the next step in speaking out for the poor, widowed, and orphaned.

And I am typing this, the Marine comes home to inform me he has a death notification to deliver. *insert heartbreaking here*. Another Marine has died, his parents are local to our area. If that doesn't speak volumes in and of itself, I don't know what does.

People are dying everyday due to war, preventable diseases, unsafe drinking water, malnutrition, genocide, or like the Pastor in Iran, as martyrs. Yet, we go on living our lives like they're not important, that each person who dies (died) wasn't worth our time or effort. To Jesus, we're all important, all created in HIS image; if we are to be like HIM, how can we sit by and do nothing? How can we create MASSIVE savings accounts for ourselves knowing that a tiny bit (as little as $20.00) can save a life? Isn't life more precious than retirement home, a HUGE boat in the backyard, a never going to dwindle life insurance policy? I'd like to think so. We're not to be living in this world or making this world our Heaven. God has made for us a Heaven, and we should be trying to increase our neighbors up there!


The Jammie Girl said…
Well said. In our materialistic culture, words like your need to be heard more often!