QR codes in a Bible?

When the Marine and I went out shopping last Monday, we were going to the music supply store to get him some practice drums and what not to make an electric drum set. He's wanting to learn drumming and percussion, so why not? I'll teach him what I know from being a percussionist of 20 years (since a mere 10 years old.) He's stuck on a paradiddle, which makes for hours of taaaap taaaap tap tap (l, r, l, l, or r, l, r, r, ).

Tangent aside, we stopped by the Christian bookstore LIFEWAY, and they were having a sale due to Columbus Day. While checking out their flyer, we noticed this Bible with QR codes in it. We were intrigued with this nerdiness. It was on sale, half priced and it was my mission to check it out while the Marine sat in the car fiddling with his drum. I snatched it up faster than an Earnhardt on the track. It.is.awesome.

RUN to amazon, your local Christian Bookstore and snatch one up too. I love and adore my Apologetics Bibles, but this... it's a whole different ball game. The apologetics give in to my history side of the Bible, this gives in to the DOING and application side. There are so many "principles to live by" and questions that really make you think "Am I living this, doing this, believing this?" to make it come alive.  Plus, the little QR codes I mentioned earlier, they link to videos to enhance the topics they're covering.

Check out Isaiah 58, and here's a sample of questions:
"Since none of us can live perfect, sinless lives, how can we keep this principle regarding the hindered prayers from becoming discouraging?"
And a principle to live by "To have an effective prayer life, we are to live consistent Christian lives."

Oh, and it's website is ever so helpful as well. The Author has studied, taught, and learned the Bible in the past 50 years. It's amazing stuff.  LINK.

So, that's my review of what works for me this week.


Barb said…
Wow, that's an interesting use of QR codes. I will definitely need to check that one out.
Semper Wifey said…
I had to laugh out loud about the drumming thing. Sounds just like Hubby and me! :)

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Becca said…
Hello from your newest follower (or at least, pretty darn new)! So glad to have come across your blog and wondering what on earth QR codes are :)
Reccewife said…
Very cool, that sounds awesome! Thanks for popping by, too :)