Being from Ohio and loving it, I naturally have some PRIDE when it comes to things FROM there: The BUCKEYES, Cincinnati Chili, Buckeys,  (peanut butter balls), Presidents, and of course, my FAVORITE Marching Band, ever: THE Ohio University Marching 110. They've been all over the news lately, but what's fascinating is that this has been their style for YEARS. And GUESS WHAT, this was ALSO my High School's style as well. Yep, our music, our directors, our instructors came straight from OU, our choreography, too. Two of our Directors even went on to the Graduate program at OU as Graduate Assistants writing music, directing for the Marching 110. We have had MANY students march in the 110 over the years.  My only regret in life is not ever attending and marching in the 110. Boo@ me. Instead I got married to a Handsome Marine so he's worth it. hehe.

SO, without further stalling, their famous song that put them on the news EVERYWHERE, globally:

and we cannot forget some other CLASSICS, that I can play still, 12 years after high school: (oh yeah, I played percussion, namely timbales, the second row of drums, the top "two" quads if you will. )  Oh, and for our Christmas parade, we borrow instruments from OU for the alumni to play in the parade. <3
Gosh I miss it. And for the past few years, the alumni band has won awards over the regular HS band. haha

and our classic cadences..