Deck the Halls for Thanksgiving fa la la la la

Monday Again.
Thanksgiving is this WEEK! woohoo.

Black Friday shopping is this weekend!

and Family, Thanks, Giving, and laughter and blessings will be celebrated as early as Tuesday Night for us, depending on what time the in-laws arrive. 

It's crazy because I took the wallpaper down, but haven't primed or painted the bathroom yet
I have a huge pile of clothes, sheets, blankets, and pillows to put away and make some beds with
There's still some groceries I need to pick-up
I have a coaching call Wednesday afternoon while everyone is here
 the Marine leaves Monday to another training 
 Christmas decorations go up this weekend
I have to donate a couch before tomorrow, too.
And we have mice.
And traps.
and a determination to rid the varmin from our home.
Thanks unoccupied house next door for your gifts of mice and tree limbs falling on our home.

And someday will come a post about Marine Corps Ball pics and such.
Oh, and linking up to Military Monday as well.