Here ye hear ye?

Monday Update:

Kenya oh gorgeous Kenya.
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Saturday was the FABULOUS Marine Corps Ball.
Our goofy pose for the mirror pictures self portrait hah.
Better pictures will follow with a REAL Ball post.

Sunday: Church, and a JJ HELLER Concert

Monday: hanging out with my Marine all day and eating a free meal at Golden Corral.

And we received our HOSTIES boxes for a free football party we are to host. The box contains LOADS of Nescafe coffee samples and couples, loads of red baron coupons and freebies, coffee mate coupons galore, biscotti coupons, coasters, foam fingers, packing peanuts, butterfingers, and instructions for the party. Anyone want to paaaarty?

Oh, and also as a BZZAgent, I am participating in a few bzz events like Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin care samples, Kroger Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Krogers Private Selection foods. I'll let yall know how these products are later :)


Kaylee said…
JJ Heller concert?! That sounds AWESOME!!!! Cute self-portrait ball photo :)