Ideas for November

Inexpensive Ways to show Thanks and Giving this November.

  1. Write a Note of Thanks and Encouragement to your Pastor
  2. Write a note of THANKS to a best friend, colleague, childhood mentor
  3. Find silly items like fury socks and mail them to the Best Friend
  4. Place a baggie of candy with a Thank You note for the mail person who always delivers.
  5. Bake up a batch of irresistible cookies or brownies and drop them off to a neighbor
  6. Offer to host Small Group or clean up after small group
  7. Buy the Marines BEER and Pizza on the USMC Birthday (Nov 10th!)
  8. Grab a bag of unused toiletries and donate them to a Vets Homeless Shelter for Veteran's Day.
  9. Volunteer time at the Veteran's Office/VA homes.
  10. Walk the neighbors dog
  11. Bake homemade dog/cat treats for the neighborhood pets
  12. Invite friends over for a homemade dinner
  13. Invite Single Marines to Thanksgiving
  14. Buy water bottles and pass them out at a local park
  15. Buy some movie passes and hand them out to parents at church
  16. Give Starbucks giftcards to Worship Leaders at church
  17. Sponsor a Child through Compassion
  18. Write letters to Grandparents with a box of hershey's hugs and kisses
  19. Buy some hats and gloves and donate them to homeless shelters along with gift cards to grocery stores
  20. Make your spouse's favorite home cooked meal 
  21. Buy pencils, blue, crayons, paper and donate to local elementary school
  22. Collect BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION and donate to schools
  23. Volunteer at local YMCA, Christamore house, Big Brother Big Sister
  24. Spend quality and intentional time with friends. Put down the cell phone.
  25. Make a date night with the Spouse.
  26. Pay Cash for your gas and tell them to use the extra on the next customer.
  27. Over-tip the Pedicure ladies/gentlemen
  28. Find recipes that remind you of home and mail them to siblings
  29. Plan road trip to see family and friends during the holidays
  30. Invite family home for the holidays
  31. Buy giftcards for teachers 
  32. Host a blog giveaway
  33. Send expired coupons to military families overseas
  34. Host a Book Swap, giving away more than you're taking
  35. Buy flowers for patients in Nursing Homes
  36. Volunteer at Nursing Homes
  37. Hold a Cookie/Chex Mix party
  38. Donate all those extra Bibles to the local Church association. 
  39. Donate a bag or two of free after coupon food to food pantry
  40. Create a playlist and burn to cd for friends
  41. Give away books once you've read them
  42. Send Christmas Cards to deployed military members
  43. Purchase small flags, post them in the cemetery on Veteran's grave sites
  44. Vote in local elections
  45. Donate Halloween candy to the Dentist buy back programs
  46. Donate toys EXCEPT stuffed animals to Toys for Tots program
  47. Donate money to an adoption fund of fellow bloggers
  48. Buy enough Thanksgiving food for two dinners, give one away
  49. Host a Christmas Music swap
  50. Donate UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS, unless you're having an ugly sweater party...


Reccewife said…
Those are awesome November ideas! Love it, thanks for sharing :)
Anna said…
Great tips! I just made cookies and need to make up a little package for our mailman. : )

Another idea for those who have friends that take care of a disabled child or elderly parent: offer to give them a break and watch the child/parent, pick up their prescriptions or take them to an appointment
These are excellent ideas!! Love them!